Thirsty Hart


This poor site has been through multiple versions, each enthusiastically begun and as enthusiastically trashed a few months later. I’ve decided (as of February 2018) to rework it as a site solely focused on art.  The areas of focus are likely to be:

*Medieval art, especially the details of illuminated manuscripts which most fascinate me. In all likelihood this will necessarily include meanderings on Scripture, Gregorian Chant, methods of illustration, and so on.

*My intermittent production of coloring pages based on medieval art, and links to other people’s coloring pages, clip art and the like, too.

*My intermittent production of cartoons and doodles.

*Arts and crafts ideas with instructions.

*Links to useful books, online resources, techniques, suppliers, artists and curiosities relating to the above.

Other sites I make some ongoing effort to maintain: Fun with Saints (stories about favorite saints) and O Gloriosa Virginum (sacred music).

The name of this site was inspired by Psalm 41:

As the hart panteth after the fountains of water; so my soul panteth after thee, O God.

The image of the thirsty hart is from the basilica of Saint Clement in Rome, where it (a pair of them, actually) is a tiny detail below the Cross in the apse mosaic:

Rom, Basilika San Clemente, Apsis 1

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